For all Range Club events and dates please check the Events Calendar.

see Winter hours are now in effect beginning. Tue Oct 9 th ** Wednesdays are now closed for winter hours  ** Our new range see phone number  

homework help aol com (778) 987-8672 Please note our Mailing addresses has been changed , please use the Maple Ridge address listed under Contact (above) for all mail and match mailings

  • 2017 Insurance Certificate is now available under forms and Documents
  • buy essay writing online REMINDER: If you attend the range without your membership card, there is a $10 fee for the range warden to lookup your membership validity and provide temporary day card non refundable.
  • follow site Otherwise you must pay regular day card rate. Please go and get your membership card from DVC as soon as you are able 
  • click here Note: Your email letter of confirmation to get your new membership card will be valid for 30 Days for access to the range , but the $10 fee will be charged after the date on this letter.
  • Donation are always welcome if you happen to have access to building materials that would otherwise be tossed at your workplace. Plywood, 2x4's, screws/nails, etc. Contact our range warden if you think you may be able to offer something to the range.