thesis generator for poetry analysis Match dates: Check the Calendar for All Match Dates and information For .22 semi automatic rifles.

watch This year in Action 22, we are leaning towards a more tactical style of shooting and are aiming for high round counts wherever possible, 40 - 60 rounds per stage, on paper and steel target stages.  Bring extra magazines and eye and ear protection is always mandatory.

follow We follow IPSC safety rules and expect any shooter to be familiar with them.

online essay proofreading Match set-up will be the morning of the match 0800, and we appreciate any help you can offer.

write custom essays Safety briefing at 0930.  First round downrange around 1000.

watch We shoot rain or shine, so dress appropriately.

go here Cost $20.00 for members and non-members.  Non-members must display their PAL and valid government picture ID. 

tips to write an argumentative essay If you have any questions, or wish to be added to our mailing list, please email Anne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We are always looking for suggestions on new and exciting stages.  If we have sufficient participation, we will conduct a night shoot in the fall. We hope to see you there.

buy essays phone number Have fun!

To see a video of an Action 22 match, please go to the Action 22 Rifle page under Events Sponsored by Wanstalls (, Poco Military and Outdoor Supplies Ltd. (, and by Stephen Lloyd, a charter member of TMSA and ICBC personal injury lawyer at the firm Paine Edmonds LLP (